Computer Crime

• Conduct research to determine three types of computer crime. Please provide a detailed description for all crimes, and share an example of where an organization was impacted by each of the types.
• Elaborate on how the impact of computer crime is quantified. Please share at least two examples.
• Include at least four (4) reputable sources.
• Your final paper should be 1,000-to-1,250-words, and written in APA Style.

Information Systems

You’re working for a local coffee shop that offers free wireless access to customers. Your supervisor has asked you to create a flyer for patrons that warns them of the potential dangers of surfing the Internet in public places. Conduct research on the Internet about using public hotspots to access the Internet. Prepare a list of specific steps that customers can take to protect their data when surfing on publicly accessible networks.



To complete this minimum 300-word response, provide the following information:

  • Which 2 or 3 tips from these videos do you think will prove the most useful as you begin your own analysis observations and research?
  • In Seanna Lea’s video, after she decides to write on coffee shops, what is the first thing she does before she even enters the space she chooses to observe? Explain why you think she does this.
  • In Erika’s video, she has an initial working thesis about the space, garnered from her excellent early research. But she makes a discovery about this thesis as she writes.
    • What is her discovery?
    • What does she do after she makes this discovery?
    • Explain, from your perspective, what you learned about the analysis process from herresponse to this discovery, the changes she makes based on it.
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