Community-oriented police programs

Community-oriented police programs are often created to set goals and solve problems. Two of those problems may have a lot to do with drugs and young people. For this week’s assignment analyze how a community-oriented policing program might deal with the issues of drugs and juvenile delinquency. Suggest strategies and approaches that would help the organization meet their goals. How could the community-oriented policing group create a design that would turn the presence of the youth into a strength of the program?

Write a 2 page APA style paper.  Only the body of the paper will count toward the word requirement (title page and references are in addition to the 2 pages)

In your paper, cite at least 2-3 references using the APA style guide format for in-text citation.

Discussion Post

Officer Johnson has been closely studying the family we have been following throughout this course. He mentioned in his report that Rob and Junior were managing the drug-based business. Mary was managing prostitution. Junior was working with some of his friends on a new capper. One of Junior’s friends was stealing computers from his employer and selling them on the Internet. Officer Johnson is also helping Lucy cope with sexual assault by her father, Rob. She was forced by her parents to get involved in prostitution. She is a minor and a victim of child abuse.

Having reached the conclusion of this course, you have seen how a normal Centervale family became involved in criminal activity. Through the previous modules, you have seen how the criminal element is transferred from the parents to the children and the affect this has on various lives in the family unit. You will now evaluate both sides of the issues in this case; from the prosecution’s perspective and defense’s perspective taking the following into account:

Family pressure to act a certain way for acceptance

Possible defenses that could be given

Sentencing possibilities for the various crimes you have studied

Please consider how the events of this Centervale story play out from the standpoint of the prosecution and the defense. You are to review all modules to complete this discussion.

In a minimum of 300 words, post your responses to the following to the Discussion Area:

What were the considerations for the family to enter a life of crime?

How did involvement in crime affect interactions among the members of the family?

What was the impact of the parents’ behaviors on other family members and the long-term effects on each of the parties?

What are the various defenses that might be raised for Rob, Mary, and Junior and why?

What are the potential sentencing options for the three members of the family, Rob, Mary, and Junior, and why are these sentences justifiable?

Critically analyze the working of the American criminal justice system and suggest ways to improve it so that scenarios as given in this course can be prevented


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