Project: To-Do List

In this unit you will need to:

Review Project assignment below

Select a topic and submit it via email to your instructor for approval by Week 5

Research the topic

Create outline for the presentation

Record presentation either in the Discussion Board–or upload video to Discussion Board

Submit Presentation Outline along with List of Outside Sources

View presentations of several classmates

Submit one Video Response Paper on two classmates’ presentations

Project – Oral Presentation Assignment

CMST 440 Video Presentation Assignment

Oral Presentation Video You will prepare a 10-12 minute oral presentation based on your Presentation Outline (see below). You will make a digital video of the presentation and submit it to the instructor. The video portion of the assignment is worth 70 points; your outline and references are worth 10 points; and your video peer response paper is worth 20 points.

Digital Video Camera & Acceptable File Formats You will need a digital video camera or webcam for the Project. You may either record your presentation in Canvas using a webcam OR record it with a digital video camera and upload it

Steps in Completing Final Project

1. Select a topic and submit it via e – mail to your instructor for approval

2. Research your topic

3. Create a presentation outline and a list of outside sources

4. Record presentation via video camera and upload to OR record in Canvas using a webcam

6. Submit your Response Paper on two classmates’ videos

1. Selecting a Topic by Week 4 of the quarter you should select an global communications topic you’re interested in. Instructor approval is required. Please email the instructor regarding your possible topic.

See syllabus for example research papers:

– Advertising of controversial products in China

– Globalization and cultural imperialism in Jamaica

– The portrayal of Afghan women in the U.S. war on terrorism

Once approved, you may start researching your topic. The project will be an in-depth examination of your topic. You will then develop an oral presentation on your findings.

2. Research Your Topic You must use at least 10 outside sources in your research project, and at least 5 of those sources must come from academic publications such as scholarly peer-reviewed journals.

Research Question Your project must be based on a clearly-stated research question; it must contain a short literature review of relevant sources and an in-depth analysis of representative viewpoints. Be sure to provide clear and carefully-thought-over conclusions. You need to demonstrate how your research relates to the course by using at least 5 key concepts from the required readings.

Upload it to Canvas. See the Syllabus

3. Presentation Outline & List of Outside Sources You need to prepare an outline of your research (1 page long). The outline can contain the overall organization of your research, the key points you cover, the main conclusions reached, etc. Also you need to compile a list of complete references (not just links!) used in your research (APA style). You will need to submit your outline and the references list via Canvas > Project Presentation – Sources List.

4. Recording Your Presentation

a . Find a relatively quiet space in which to shoot your video. Some electrical or electronic devices make background noise, so if possible, try to turn these off or at least minimize the noise. Shoot a brief practice video, upload it to your computer and see how the audio sounds. If it is not adequate, make adjustments accordingly.

b . Treat your presentation as if you were presenting in a classroom and you had one take/shot to complete it. Be prepared. Do not start/stop the camera multiple times.

c . Be sure to speak freely during your presentation; while you can occasionally consult your outline, there should be no reading of your notes or your computer.

d. The video product should not be edited, with the exception of adding titles or credits (such as PowerPoint slides) to the beginning and end.

5. Submitting Your Video via Canvas allows you to record video in the Discussion Board or to upload a pre – recorded video via the Discussion Board. See Project Video Presentation on the Canvas page for this course.

If you experience technical problems in trying to record or upload your video, contact the Help Desk.

6. Video Peer Response Paper

You should view the videos of other students in the course Project for links to instructions. You will need to select two video presentations done by other students that you find most interesting and write a short response paper to those presentations. In your response paper you need to identify the key points of each presentation and discuss how you will use the knowledge received from each presentation and also how, from your perspective, that research could be taken further. Your response should be 2 pages long, double – spaced (about 1 page for each video). Submit your papers via Canvas > Project: Submit your Response Papers.

You must use the APA style for each source: providing only an URL is not enough!

Samples of Research Topics:

Boyd-Barrett, Claudia. Latin American 24/7 News Battle for Honduras, Global Media Journal, Vol. 9, No. 6, spring 2010.

Cloud, D.L. (2004). “To Veil the Threat of Terror”: Afghan Women and the “Clash of Civilizations” in the Imagery of the U.S. War on Terrorism. Quarterly Journal of Speech, 90(3), 285-306.

Kern, Holger and Hainmueller, Jens. “Opium for the Masses: How Foreign Free Media Can Stabilize Authoritarian Regimes”.

Kim-Shyan Fam, David S Waller, Zhilin Yang, Addressing the Advertising of Controversial Products in China: An Empirical Approach, Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 88, Apr 2009, p43-59.

Mushengyezi, Aaron. (2003, June). Rethinking indigenous media: rituals, ‘talking’ drums and orality as forms of public communication in Uganda. Journal of African Cultural Studies, 16, 107-117.

Nickesia Stacey Ann Gordon(2009). Globalization and Cultural Imperialism in Jamaica; The Homogenization of content and Americanization of Jamaican TV through Programme Modeling., International Journal of Communication, vol. 2. See:

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