Classroom Observation: Kindergarten

Order Description

classroom observation. To observe 2 of the 3 domains of development, psychosocial, cognitive and or physical development and then reflect in the paper how the children reflect the development theories. I have already made a 5 pages draft of my class/student observation, what I need is for the writer to include 3 theorists with their theories that relates to my observation with the Kindergarten students.”the reaction/observation paper must reference 3 theorists and related stages mentioned”. References/work citations of two theorist and their theory will be uploaded through attachment, however, I would need 1 more theorist and his theory that relates to my observation/reaction paper. With this, I would like the writer to research (web) for that 1 theorist and his theory. The writer should provide me the link of the work citation. The 5 pages that I will upload is very important as it is my observation. But i would like the writer to edit my draft including the research.

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