Chris Matthews

Please watch the video clip “Chris Matthews: Anyone Who Doesn’t Vote Is an ‘Idiot'” and answer the question below –

1. Which principle of political science is most supportive of Chris Matthews’s argument that voters should not cast a ballot for a third-party candidate?

a) collective-action problem

b) ambition theory

c) Duverger’s Law

d) theory of coalitions

2. Which of the following explanations for why parties form is most applicable to the aspect of electoral politics described in this video?

a) to facilitate collective action in the electoral process

b) to resolve problems of collective choice in government

c) to deal with the problem of ambition

d) to produce selective benefits in the policy making process

3. Describe how Duverger’s Law does or does not apply to Chris Matthews’s argument that voters should not cast a ballot for a third-party candidate.

4. As noted briefly in this video, the American party system provides essentially two alternatives to American voters. Briefly describe the advantages and disadvantages, as you see them, of a two-party system like that of the United States compared to a multiparty system like that of many Western European democracies.

in 150-200 words describe three (3) principal challenges faced by the EU and NAFTA. Next, speculate on why a BRIC alliance may be returning and whether you agree with this alliance. Justify your response

1 single space page.

The textbook’s authors presented three different characterizations of the U.S. citizenry. One is that U.S. citizens are apolitical, apathetic, self-interested, uninformed, and lazy beings. The second is that most Americans are politically aware, at least enough to get by and promote their own best interests; the text called these folks “the rational electorate.” A third point of view insists that a significant number of individuals are even “ideal citizens” who are extremely knowledgeable about both current events and the workings of our political system. Which point of view do you agree with (if any) and why?

the textbook is Barbour, Christine and Gerald C. Wright. 2016. Keeping the Republic: Power and Citizenship in American Politics. 7th Brief Edition. Congressional Quarterly Press: Thousand Oaks, CA.

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