Chess Tournament


This directions is for the writer I need the paper to have more detail analysis on GROUPING BY COMMON INTEREST, GROUPING BY GENDER, GROUPING BY AGE, SUB-GROUP within the chess tournament and FICTIVE-KIN. I need the paper to be between 2,500 to 3000 words, so this means it cannot be more than 3000 words (this approximately between 8 and 9 doubled spaced pages). PLEASE REMEMBER THIS PAPER IS ABOUT A CHESS TOURNAMENT KEEP THAT IN MIND. The writer must go to a chess tournament between now and before May/2/16.
1. It is important for the same writer to complete this order for the smooth flow of thought.
2. It is also important for the writer to write this paper from ANTHROPOLOGICAL POINT OF VIEW, what is it about chess that the players like, and more analysis.
3. The paper must talk about GROUPING BY COMMON INTEREST: for example, the writer need to talk 4 to five chess players or more and write about their interest, shared background, experiences, and how they demonstrate their membership through special skills or knowledge, why they choose to play chess , personal stories, what are their common interest etc…..
What were the roles of the women, the men, the little girls and boys etc…? For example, explain how the chores have been divided in the chess tournament according to gender etc….
And give detail analysis explaining why women do this and men do that etc…
In the end it should all be tie to grouping by gender.
For example, write about how some of the members feel the players are like a second family, is a home away from home, they are not family but they treat each other like they are etc….
This is just an example the writer can add what they know about “FICTIVE- KIN” to it and make it one on one interview instead of guessing what the players are thinking (to make it more personal you can even mention names, age gender etc).
6. The writer must also talk about GROUPING BY AGE and SUB-GROUP within the chess community or the tournament.
7. Internal hierarchy for example, the GRAND MASTERS, INTERNATIONAL MASTERS, FIDE MASTERS, WOMEN GRAND MASTERS why they respect them so much in the chess community and so on….
What is the difference between chess players who don’t have any titles and the one’s who have titles like the MASTERS, talk to the players before, during and after the tournament etc…
8. Ask them open ended questions, what make them a community, the art in playing chess, selling of chess books, sellers, fees, balance reciprocity, are they there for status, prestige etc…
9. Talk to the person who is in charge of watching the players so that they wouldn’t cheat etc..
10. And lastly, I will attach the prompt for the paper, it is important to follow the instructions from the prompt also. . My grade depends on this paper , so the paper need to be well organized. I don’t want any plagiarism. I am looking forward to a grade “A” paper. Thanks in advance to the writer hope this instructions are not too confusing. If the writer has any questions please feel to contact me.

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