Charlotte, North Carolina:Creative Economy Assessment and Economic Development Strategy Presentation

Order Description
This is for the city of Charlotte, North Carolina.

“As part of the assessment, teams you will develop a series of recommendations for improving the community’s competitiveness within the creative economy.

Working within the 4T framework, your team’s assessment should examine the area’s key industries and clusters, knowledge-based institutions, people climate, arts and culture, natural assets and quality of life.In addition to both quantitative and secondary qualitative research, your team may consider interviewing local economic development practitioners, business leaders and community members for their perspective on the community, your assessment and suggested recommendations.I am looking to see you and your team craft a well-supported assessment and offer economic development recommendations that are sustainable and in line with the assets of your selected community.”

Please only do the Talent portion and Tolerance portion(listed below), a power point presentation is also needed.


How does the region stack up on talent metrics such as educational attainment, university students, skilled workers?
Does the region experience Brian Gain or Drain? What can be done to improve this?
How connected is the local university to the workforce needs of the region?
Has the region addressed social equity issues – on-ramps to the creative economy or upgrading the service sector? If not what can be done?
Is there a thriving creative class present? How would you describe it?


How open to different types of communities is the region (artists, immigrants, gays and lesbians)?
Are communities and people integrated or silo?
What type of priority has been made around inclusion? How can the region community to improve its “people climate?”

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