Century Management

Order Description
“Critically discuss the continued relevance of the Hawthorne studies to 21st Century Management. In developing your argument, please give consideration to the work of McAuley et al. (2014), Burnes and Cooke (2013), Roethlisberger (1948), Franke and Kaul (1978) and any other relevant sources you wish to use.”

Please read the attached instructions documents before start writing the essay. Structure and key point that should be follow were written in there.

McAuley Et al (2014) can be found here: http://www.nimarket.ir/pdf/modiran90/Organization%20Theory.pdf

Roethlisberger (1948) can be found in the attached document

Picture of epistemological model can be also found in the attached files

besides you can you any relevant source which is related with the topic.

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