“cause and effect”

Research Paper – Generically speaking a research paper may or may not be on a topic you have covered during the semester. The goal of a research paper is to learn more than what you have discussed or read in your course work and do an in-depth analysis of a topic. Research papers show your professor what you are capable of adding to a topic beyond what he/she has taught you. You will use outside source material, draw insightful conclusions, and illustrate a thorough understanding of one very narrowly defined issue or topic. The goal of a research paper is to show your professor you are an expert on a specific topic you learned about in class or a topic that is related to the course work. Your research paper topic is regarding paradoxical thinking. See the details below.


In most colleges and universities students are taught “cause and effect” thinking at the expense of paradoxical thinking. This type of thinking hinders accomplishing mastery. Define both terms, explain, and compare them. Explain why cause and effect thinking hinders achieving mastery.

Your summation should be a very powerful piece that seeks to convience your reader with all the reasons both professionally and personally why she/he should learn paradoxical thinking.

Cover all the additional points asked for in the material below:

Cover Page 5%
Table of Contents 5%
Major components
a. Part 1 – Introduction/ Definition 10%
b. Part II – Provide an example of a company that demonstrates paradoxical thinking 10%
c. Part III– Discuss whether or not one can learn paradoxical thinking and discuss the reasons for your answer. 15%
d. Part IV – Paradoxical thinking is one of eight skills related to intelligence Discuss why it is probably the least used. 10%
e. Part V – Summarize your understanding of how management and leadership can utilize paradoxical thinking to improve the organization. 20%
Use of illustrations, charts, and/or graphics. 5%
Reference page (minimum of five references) 10%
Click on the “Week Four Assignment – Research Paper” link above to submit your assignment, as well to get more information regarding the due date and grading rubric.

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