Can children with Down’s Syndrome gain an inclusive education in mainstream settings?

Order Description
A referenced, academic piece of work of 6000 words (plus or minus 10% i.e. 5,400 – 6,600 words) written in Verdana 10 point font double-spaced. Debate style giving two sides of an argument to answer the question above.

Introduction (500)
This should address the context, identify the particular debate and articulate this in the form of a question.

State why you have chosen to study this particular topic (my role as a teacher with a down’s child and no particular training being given to me), what your personal and professional connections are and your current views about the debate you are going to explore.

You should also include a mini paragraph here about the ethical considerations inherent in writing your assignment (the ethics of self-disclosure, you as an author, ethical procedures relating to mechanisms used in the assignment to protect actual names e.g. schools, young people, parents, colleagues – NB NO ACTUAL NAMES MUST BE USED AT ANY TIME). You need to state if you are anonymizing, using pseudonyms etc. Please support this paragraph with references – check the BERA web site under education research ethics.

Signpost to the reader about the structure of the rest of the assignment by giving a brief overview of what you are going to write about in each section.

Part 1: Main body of the work: a critical exploration of a debate within Special and Inclusive Education (3,500)

Undertake a critical exploration of your debate, exploring arguments for and arguments against.

Part 2: Implications for practice (1500) – this is the ‘so what?’ of your assignment i.e. what has part 1 revealed in terms of ways in which you might want to modify your practice in the future? What are your views about what future policy practice and/or research should be implemented in relation to the topic? What would be the opportunities and the constraints?

Conclusion (500)
Return to and respond to, the original question you posed in the introduction. Say something about the ways in which your thinking has evolved over the time you have been writing the assignment.


References – please use the Harvard system of referencing to present your list of references.

Some ideas for some references within the essay:
Chapman, L. and West-Burnham, J. (2010) Education for Social Justice: Achieving wellbeing for all. London: Continuum International.
Coe, S. and Wapling, L. (2010) Traveling together: How to include disabled people on the main road of development [online]. World Vision UK. Available at:
Department for Education and Department of Health (2014) Special educational needs and disability code of practice: 0-25 years [online]. Crown. Available at:
Mulligan, D. and Gooding, K. (2010) The Millennium Development Goals and People with Disabilities. In: Coe, S. and Wapling, L. Traveling together: How to include disabled people on the main road of development [online]. World Vision UK. Available at:
Slee, R. (2011) The Irregular School: exclusion, schooling and inclusive education [online]. Oxon: Routledge. Available at:
Lewis, A. and Norwich, B. (2005) Special Teaching for Special Children? Pedagogies for Inclusion. Berkshire: Open University Press.

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