Business Strategy Report

Order Description
(i) Choose a business. This should be listed on the London (FTSE) or New York stock exchanges.
Where the target company has multiple listings, please state the details of this at the top of your Main report and include with these details the ISIN number for your company’s listing.
(ii) The chosen business should be facing competitive disadvantages and/or serious strategic issues. If you choose a company which is not facing serious strategic issues (ie one which dominates its sector without other strategic problems, or is otherwise doing well), you will not be able to generate insightful strategic recommendations.
The company needs to have a clear like-for-like competitor set offering as far as possible like for like comparable products: If this clear competitor set is absent, then a competitive analysis in this context is impossible.
If your target company is in a global marketplace then you must do your analysis with reference to this global marketplace. The reason for this is because it is highly likely that the global economies of scope and scale will affect the competitive position of your target company in any national market.

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