Business Research

Conceptual Model and Hypothesis

Submission and Formatting.

· First page with your full name, assignment title, course number and date

· Save as a Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx) or Adobe Acrobat (“.pdf”) file with name/assignment (e.g. “Uvet_Hasan_Assignment 5.docx”).

OVERVIEW: In previous assignment we identified the variables in our research. Now, it is time to show the relationship between these variables in a conceptual framework. You have to draw your diagram to show the relationship between variables.

1. Research Question: Write down your modified research questions that show cause-effect relationship (with a question mark!).

Tip: What is the effect/impact of …….. on……..? How …. will affect to ……?

(3 points)

2. Provide the conceptual definition of variables in template that you submit in the assignment 5. Use this template that I provided below.

Tip: Make correction based on the feedbacks.

(5 points)

Variable Name Type of variable Conceptualization (Definition) Sources
Tip: Take it from your research question Tip: Specify whether the measure is a dependent, an independent variable or control variable Tip: Define your variables in full sentences. Focus on how variables were defined in literature. Show your references in APA style. (Like Howard, 2014)

3. Draw your conceptual diagram

Drawing diagram should be done by office programs, such as word or ppt. Any submission by hand drawing will result %50 penalty. Also, one of the goal of this assignment is also to improve our abilities in office programs.

Tip: Example can be found at the end of the lecture for conceptual framework

(6 points)

4. Write down your hypothesis with their reasoning. For each hypothesis, you need to state why this relationship exists (Use at least two-three sentences). Look at the first article critique that we have done or example of student submission from previous year.

Tip 1: Example can be found at the end of the lecture for conceptual framework.

Tip 2: These hypotheses should be drawn from your research question and should state the relationship between variables.

For instance:

My research question is:

What is the effect of Collaboration on Firm Performance?

My hypothesis for this research question is:

Greater levels of collaboration between firms lead to better relational outcomes.

Tip 3: Look at the examples in existing articles (article critique that we did in the first week).

(9 points)

5. References

All articles that you read and include in your text must be cited. Furthermore, any articles included in your references page must be cited in the text.

Tip 1: Place the sources in alphabetical order and format the citations using APA format.

Tip 2: Sources for APA style can be found in the folder of Week 3.

(2 points)

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