Business Management Assignment

Part 1. Make a hierarchy chart.
ABC manufactoring company- ABC is a UK based manufacturing company making clothing products for retail outlets in the UK.
ABC has a senior management team consisting of a managing director and four directors. The company is split into four functional department – marketing, finance, human resources and production.

The marketing department has two managers, a research manager and a sales manager. The sales manager controls four sales representatives. Each sales representative controls one sales support worker and customer service advisor.

The finance director is responsible for one finance accountant and one management accountant. Both have two accounts supervisors.

The HR director has two managers, one HR manager and one Administration Manager. Each manager has two office supervisors whom control on assistant.

The production Director is responsible for one production manager, one Chief buyer and a distribution manger who controls two distributions assistant.
The production manager has two assistant mangers whom control 10 production workers each.

Following the restructure it was decided to amalgamate the third and fourth tier of the hierarchy.

In the marketing department there were 6 redundancies(both mangers and four sales representatives) and two new posts of marketing manager were created. The remaining staff are allocated equally to the new managers. The director remains …
In the finance department there were 6 redundancies and two new posts of accounts manager were created. The director remains..

In the HR department there were 6 redundancies and two new posts of accounts manager were created. The director remains…

The production department remains the same.
Part Two Answer Following Questions:

1. Describe and evaluate the key issues of facing ABC in respect to the nature and purpose of business management. AC1 ( 250 Words )
2. Construct 2 organisation charts for ABC before and after a restructuring from the information below. Discuss the key features of an organization structure using both examples. Identify areas of strength and weakness and evaluate the issues raises using both examples. AC2 ( 500 Words )

3. Describe the key functions of management and how you would apply them to ABC both before and after the restructuring. The restructuring brought about the necessity to delegate more responsibility to the newly created posts. Discuss and evaluate the implications of this change in leadership style.
AC3 ( 500 words)

4. Using Examples in a range of business situations that ABC management may face, explain and evaluate what communication systems and information system could be used to help decision making. AC4 ( 700 words)

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