Business case: How does Quidos develop market in China? company website:

Characteristics of a successful Business Case
Generally speaking, good business cases will:
a) relate to an issue of demonstrable significance for the placement business; the main issue under investigation should be summarised in a clear research question
b) be firmly and clearly grounded within conceptual models and scholarly literatures drawn either from the programme, your undergraduate experience, or other reading that is particular to your case
c) drawuponasignificantandextensivebodyofevidenceobtainedbothfrom your placement organisation (perhaps in the form of conversations/interviews with colleagues, or existing company data) and, where appropriate, from external sources for comparative purposes
d) contain a substantial portion of systematic, comprehensive, coherent and logically organised data analysis where the key issues are identified, explored, examined and evaluated
e) draw conclusions and make recommendations that follow clearly from the analysis developed in the course of your investigation
f) be presented clearly, in well-written prose within an appropriate structure

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