business and government

Order Description
A report observing academic conventions of 2500 words (not including the Executive Summary or References)

Please Complete the Question

Does big business control government? Consider the role and influence of business, government and civil society over the political process.
give examples of countries which the big business control government and how does big business control government.
Also, give examples of countries which government have more power to control the big business.
countries such as China and Australia

Report Structure

Title page

(Your name, student number, tutor’s name and the topic title. Contents page not required.)

Executive Summary.

The executive summary needs to provide a summary of the whole report and outlines the purpose, research method (which is a literature review based on quality academic journal articles and texts), and outlines your findings based on your research, and main conclusions – i.e. what you have concluded from your research. It is best to write your final executive summary when you have completed the rest of the report. (150- 200 words)


In your introduction you outline what you are going to do and the position you are adopting – please use your introduction as a map to cover the points you outline sequentially in the body of your report to stay on track. An introduction needs to outline the purpose, context, background rationale and then advise that the key terms will be defined and you also need to set limits of the research by identifying what you are going to cover and sticking to it (your road map). Each sentence in your introduction needs to be followed in your report generally with corresponding paragraphs in the body of your report and signal that the research is through the use of academic sources only and identify issues specifically related to what you have been asked to cover and by referring to and citing relevant academic literature.

The Body of Your Report

Your definitions, arguments must all be supported by your references – every comment you make that presents as a fact, assertion or argument has to be substantiated with a good reference that is cited or quoted in text. Marks are lost for unsubstantiated opinions. In fact your opinion is not sought here. What we are interested in is your capacity to synthesise and communicate well-researched information.


This where you write what you have concluded based only on your research – this is where you can base your opinion on your research and express an opinion. The conclusion is not a summary.

References (refer-;ID=8rwjnkcmfoeez) Use Harvard referencing please.

Font and spacing: Times New Romans or Arial 12 font. Space and a half is preferred.

Assessment Task will be assessed against the following criteria:

Key issues have been developed
Analysis and synthesis of relevant literature.
Ideas and assertions substantiated through use of high quality reference material and key academic perspectives/views have been used
Explicit linking of the literature to answering the chosen question.
The avoidance of opinions that are not substantiated by academic references.
Clear and comprehensive written style (spelling, grammar, syntax etc.)
Appropriate Harvard style referencing (in-text and list of references )

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