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Global Decision Making – Writing Assignment: Business firms operate in an environment that is increasingly global. Further, the economic environment of the times is considerably dynamic and uncertain. For this assignment, each student will be required to submit a 2,000-word paper that addresses the following: How might an understanding of the international dimensions of organizational behavior help a manager make better and more ethical decisions? How would it make someone a more effective global manager in these times? The answers to these question must not only be based on the material of this class, but also integrate some of what the student has learned in other courses in the MBA program

Information Systems




First paper: A “case study” on a media maker and the distribution techniques used to

share their project. What worked? What didn’t? What might they have done differently or

additionally? In the final draft, your papers MUST have a thesis– a point of view that is clear and logically argued. For example:

“While an effective way to create “buzz,” Quentin Tartantino’s insistence that The Hateful Eight premiere via a roadshow release (at a few theaters in the country) in 70 mm film, and the slow platform and wide release of the film after, hindered rather than helped the

ultimate fiscal success of the film. Arguably, this could mark the tail end of the roadshow

as an effective means of releasing big movies.”

The thing is you can’t start with a thesis, that comes later, after research and first draft.

STEP ONE: YOUR DOMAIN You will choose a media work that you like/ love/ are obsessed by. Examples include films, TV series, music (not live music), even open

online portfolios of artwork. Obviously, films will be easier as that’s what we’ve been

discussing. We have case studies available as well: my film Calling All Earthlings (2018) and Dan Mirvish’s Bernard and Huey (2018). Dan has written about distribution and marketing on his site. He and I are available for primary research questions on our films.

STEP TWO: RESEARCH Do copious research on the film/show/album/etc. you have chosen. Read the articles from every pertinent citation from the Wikipedia section and

take notes. Use the tools and guide from Torie Quiñonez to get the full articles and find

others. Check in with her or ask me if you want help on research.

You can even reach out to some of the primary sources, the people involved in

marketing and distributing the film, and make some great connections. The goal is that

you become an expert in the marketing and distribution of this film/show/whatever.

STEP THREE REVIEW COURSE MATERIALS Review the materials on distribution from Jon Reiss (Thinking Outside the Box Office), from Dan Mirvish — articles here:, the notes on the Long Tail, and the Tipping

Point. See if you can incorporate/ synthesize these concepts into your discussions.

STEP FOUR FIRST DRAFT Write a first draft. Go for it — don’t censor yourself. Use quotes that seem pertinent. Write longer than the 4-5 pages of 1 1/2 spaced text

requested. Let it sit for a day or so … to rise, like bread. 🙂 A thesis begins to form. You

might want to run this by me.


STEP FIVE FINAL DRAFT: Now you move your materials around. Think it through. Organize your paragraphs with topic sentences. Each paragraph should prove the thesis

you have clearly stated in the first paragraph.

If you are an ESL (English as a Second Language) student, make sure you have

someone in the Writing Center assist you on revisions. Also, if you have challenges in

writing essays and English is your first language, you should book an appointment with

them as well.

Now write your corrected final draft. Your final draft must be virtually free of mistakes in

spelling and grammar. It will have a thesis/argument/perspective.

These final papers will be submitted as PDF files to a forum. They are due in the forum

as .PDF files by class on October 17th. There will be no extensions.

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