Building the business case for healthcare quality and safety

Your business case should be grounded in evidence-based, best practice and be prepared using the following headings:
1. Organisational context and understanding of quality and patient safety
What does, and should, quality and patient safety mean to your organization?
2. Rationale for resourcing and implementing quality and patient safety
What is the evidence to support organizational resourcing and implementation – both in the published evidence base and also within the organization?
3. Frameworks and options for implementation
What frameworks should be considered and how best to implement through such frameworks?
4. Specific, measurable expected benefits:
Detailed, specific measurable benefits, how such benefits can be measured and what are your targets?
Risks associated with implementing healthcare quality and patient safety
What are the potential “pitfalls” and challenges and how you propose to manage them?
6. The cost of quality and patient safety:
What will the “cost” be to your organization (not just financial)? You should also consider the costs of not assuring quality and patient safety,
7. High-level plan:
How do you propose to implement your quality and patient safety recommendations – complete with broad, outline timeframes?
8. Investment appraisal:
The balance between all resource costs versus the value of the benefits over the period of the high-level plan.

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