Bilingual Education Case Study

Order Description
The paper has to be on a hypothetical Bilingual Education Case study that was performed on a 4th grade English as a second language student. The paper must include the following, I have enclosed a copy of the questions asked and answer key and I have also included the SIOP lesson plan that must be administered.
• Cover page
• Introduction page – identifying purpose & circumstances of this assessment activity – Bilingual Study
• Student Questionnaire (attachment)
• Selection of reading book material based on grade, curriculum, and linguistically developmentally appropriate (SIOP Lesson and powerpoint Attached)
• Successful administration of the pre-test assessment (SIOP Lesson and powerpoint Attached)
• Evaluated pre-test results (SIOP Lesson and powerpoint Attached)
• SIOP lesson plan that attempting to address any noted weakness or reinforce strong skills noted from the results of the pre-test (SIOP Lesson and powerpoint Attached)
• Sample of manipulative, activity or instructional material used
• Teacher made informative assessment with scoring rubric or answer key
• Evaluated post- test
• Case study reflection – This part MUST BE AT LEAST 2 Pages long

* The needs of the student will help you determine the ESL topic you want to teach in the case study. However, if you think that the student’s needs will be met, you are allowed to implement the SIOP lesson plan that you have devised for the midterm. The only difference in the implementation is that, the midterm native language lesson plan should be converted to an ESL lesson for the purposes of the case study (e.g. You should be teaching the topic as an ESL lesson to the ELL, not Spanish or Chinese etc).

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