BA 101

Question 1

A large publically traded company will receive a major financial benefit from the sell of its stock ________ .Select one:a. each time a shareholder buys or sells the stock b. when the stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange c. at the initial public offering

Question 2

Although money has no intrinsic value, it is demanded throughout society. Among the reasons that money is demanded are:Select one:a. It is not easy to counterfeit.b. It is divisible c. it stores value.

Question 3

Bank Of The North (B of N) gave out large loans to many of their customers. After reviewing the bank’s records, B of N sees that the bank is now below the Federal Reserve’s minimum reserve requirement. A member bank, Helper Bank, has excess reserves. B Of N borrows enough money from Helper Bank to reach their reserve requirement. The rate of interest that B of N will pay to Helper Bank for the loan is the ________ rate.Select one:a. intrabank b. institutional c. federal funds

Question 4

Bonds are:Select one:a. A partial ownership in a companyb. a way to raise capital that does not need to be repaidc. a formal contract to repay borrowed money with interest at fixed intervals.

Question 5

Historically many methods and markets were used to raise capital, but the primary methods that have evolved in modern times are the:Select one:a. land markets and housing markets b. Over the counter markets c. bond markets and stock markets

Question 6

If the federal government wanted to find out how much M1 money is in circulation in the US, it would look at which of the following?Select one:a. Savings accounts b. Money market mutual funds c. Demand deposits and other checking accounts

Question 7

If you were given the task of totalling all the M2 money in circulation in the US, which of the following would you include in your calculations?Select one:a. 1.Demand deposits and other checking accounts b. Currency c. 2.Savings accounts

Question 8

One of the ways the Federal Reserve System seeks to stabilize prices is by:Select one:a. controlling the price of goods b. engaging in trade treaties c. regulation of interest rates

Question 9

Stocks or equity securities are:Select one:a. Debt to the company b. Managed by your local commercial bank c. financial instruments that may include share of a company’s future profits.

Question 10

The Federal Reserve lowers the reserve requirement from 7 percent to 6 percent. Consequently banks must set aside less money to meet the reserve requirement. They have more money to lend to their customers and are able to lower the rate of interest they charge. These conditions make it less expensive for people and businesses to borrow money. Because they can borrow more, they can spend more. If people are spending more, prices go up. With this action, the Fed has lessened the likelihood of ________.Select one:a. inflation b. free market c. recession

Question 11

The Federal Reserve raises the reserve requirement from 7 percent to 8 percent. Consequently banks must set aside more money and consequently have less money to lend. The result is that the banks will raise the interest rate they charge to their customers. These conditions make it harder and more expensive for people and businesses to borrow money. Because they can’t borrow as much, they can’t spend as much. If people aren’t spending as much, prices don’t go up. With this action, the Fed has lessened the likelihood of ________.Select one:a. recession b. free market c. inflation

Question 12

The Queen of England says by royal decree that the British Pound will be the currency of the land and it will be backed by the government as legal tender for all debts public and private. The British Pound is an example of:Select one:a. Commodity money b. Virtual money c. Fiat money

Question 13

What are Bonds?Select one:a. a partial ownership in a company b. profit c. debt

Question 14

What government entity is responsible for monitoring the U.S. money supply?Select one:a. Federal Trade Commission b. Federal Labor Relations Authority c. Federal Reserve

Question 15

What is a reason someone might consider trying Bitcoin?Select one:a. The value of my Bitcoins can vary widely based on supply and demand. b. There is a possibility of fraud or theft. c. One would not have to pay high transaction costs associated with transferring funds through a bank.

Question 16

What is a reason you might be hesitant to use Bitcoin?Select one: a. It is less expensive to accumulate than other types of currency. b. I would not need to have a bank account. c. The value of my Bitcoins can vary widely based on supply and demand.

Question 17

What is the biggest advantage of borrowing money, such as a loan or a bond, instead of issuing stock in order to raise capital?Select one:a. The interest rate is usually less b. The business owner does not have to worry about legal liability c. The current business owner retains complete ownership of the business

Question 18

Why don’t we use the barter system today:Select one:a. Of specialization theory promoted by Adam Smith b. Of the role of commercial banks. c. It is difficult to find two parties that have something they both want to trade.

Question 19

You pay your neighbor $100 in exchange for the used washing machine she is selling. Your neighbor puts that $100 into her pocket and takes her family out to the movies and a nice dinner at the end of the week. She still has $20 left after this outing and decides to put the remaining $20 into her savings account. This is an example of:Select one:a. Exchange rate b. Time value of money c. Store of value

Question 20

Your large business just issued bonds for $10 million. You are excited about utilizing the new funds to expand. As you create your budgets for the upcoming years you need to keep in mind that your company will need to ________.Select one:a. Find someone who would like to pay $10 million for your bond. b. Pay the interest and a portion of the principal balance to the bank each month for the duration of the bond term. c. Pay interest payments annually and repay the entire $10 million at the end of the bond term.

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