The assignment consists of a 5 – 7 page research paper (typed and double spaced) that addresses a particular family health issue. This paper requires an in-depth understanding of the issue. 1) A clear description of the health issue you are addressing and why you believe it is an important issue to address.
2) A summary of what the current research tells us about the issue (why the issue is important, what is being done or what is suggested to resolve the issue, theoretical perspectives used to guide research, if any).
3) Identification of the research (APA in-text citations used throughout the paper)
4) Your analysis of the research and its usefulness to the issue (do you believe the research or suggestions from researchers can make a difference, what’s missing, the strengths, and limitations of the research).
5) A summary and conclusion (your suggestions for future research, your suggestions on how the issue may be resolved).

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