Australia and EU migrants crisis

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Australia and EU migrant crisis

the topic should primarily focus on the influx of refugees from middle east war region into Europe and Australia and how those two continents dealing with this influx.

Currently Australia has closed its detention centres in Christmas island and closed its doors to refugees, In addition European countries are also closing there borders to refugees. therefore :

1. Describe creative/innovative way to deal with the conflict!!
whether its to accept refugees again based on political arrangement or financial arrangement. A way that should have the highest impact among all other possible options, including graphs and statistics is preferable.

2. Other relevant leadership concepts that may be appropriate to use. (Kindly note that this class/subject is about people and leadership), which means this part is also important.

3. list any other possible solutions

Kindly note that:

A. The report should include these three points ONLY.
B. introduction, background, summary and conclusion are NOT needed
C. you can use as many references as you need.

Few lecture slides will be attached to help giving information about leadership concepts.

Do not hesitate to ask any further questions.

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