1. Explain how an offender is classified according to risk when he or she is placed on probation or parole. Include how static and dynamic factors are taken into account by the supervising officer when both determining the level of supervision an offender needs and in developing the case-supervision plan for the offender. Include a discussion on the various levels of probation/parole supervision and the amount of surveillance and contact with the offender involved with each level. Do you agree or disagree with how often probation and parole officers have contact with high-risk offenders? Make sure to support your opinion.
  2. Review the principles of effective correctional intervention as defined by Gendreau on page 105 of your textbook (Alarid, 2015). As explained by Alarid (2015), these principles are the basis for evidence-based practices, which are those interventions utilized with criminal justice clients that have been found through empirical testing to be effective in reducing recidivism rates with those clients. Do some online research, and identify a local anger management, domestic violence, or substance abuse counseling program in your area. Explain how that program addresses principles one through seven, and identify the principles, if any, that are missing in the program of your choice. Make sure to include a reference to the website that you review when developing this response
  3. Pretend that you are the victim in the following scenario, and prepare a victim impact statement (VIS) incorporating all of the components that could be included in a VIS. Then explain which component you feel, as the hypothetical victim, is the most important component for the judge to take into consideration when making the sentencing decision for the perpetrator. Make sure to support your opinion.On December 18th of last year, you were completing some holiday shopping in the evening at a shopping mall. The mall was crowded with holiday shoppers, and you had to park your vehicle farther away from the mall entrance than you would have liked. The area was not very well lit. As you were walking out of the mall with your arms full of packages and bags, near closing time, you noticed that there was only one other car parked near yours at the end of the lot. The hood was up, and it appeared that the man’s car would not start, and he was attempting to work on it. When you neared your vehicle to place your packages in the car with the intent of then going to ask the man if he needed help, you were suddenly hit on the head from behind by that same man. He knocked you down, took your car keys and some of the bags, hopped in your car, and drove off before you could get up. He was later arrested for aggravated assault with a weapon (a baseball bat), vehicle theft, theft from person, battery, and carjacking. As part of a plea agreement, he is being sentenced in two months for aggravated assault with a weapon and vehicle theft.
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