Art in the High and Early Renaissance

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1. Examine three or more works of art from both the Early and the High Renaissance that tell us about the status of the artists who made them. Were these artists highly regarded, or anonymous? How could you determine the status of any artist from the given artwork?—in other words, how did artists assert their status through their art? What kind of social and historical circumstances made this possible?
Your paper must contain a clear thesis statement in the intro. Every single paragraph that follows has to remain relevant to the thesis statement in one way or the other, often in the form of “mini-arguments” that are supported by art historical examples, historical information, your own formal analysis, etc. These mini-arguments are facets of your thesis, which indicates that thesis may be made up of a several arguments that support or are connected to one another. Every single claim or mini-argument, unless cited from verified sources (NOT GOOGLE OR WIKIPEDIA), must be backed up by examples or empirical evidence. In other words, if you analyze a work of art, that analysis always has to be used in order for you to support your claim. Your conclusion has to recap your thesis statement, and gesture towards opening up your paper topic to the broader or more general topics in art history to which your paper could make contribution.

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