Argumentative solution paper on racism

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Solution Argument Outline

I. Introduction

A. Attention Grabber—a strategy you will use to create interest
B. Show Importance of Issue—why should the audience care about this?
C. Thesis—expresses the main ideas of your paper. This may change as you write.


II. Establish the Scope of the Problem (1-2 paragraphs total):

A. Relate the prevalence of this problem in today’s society
1. Importance (How frequent does this problem occur? Why should the audience be concerned?)
a. Support (What statistics/facts can you provide to corroborate this claim?)
b. Support
2. Explanation (What main cause(s) and effect(s) creates a need for the solutions you plan to argue?)
a. Support (What evidence supports this?)
b. Support

NOTE: It is imperative that you address the counter-argument(s). This will vary depending on the nature of your topic. For some of the more controversial topics, you will need to address the most obvious and problematic counter-arguments in the beginning, which may extend section II by a paragraph or two. However, some of your topics may be less controversial and addressing them in the beginning would be premature. You should consider when your audience might oppose one or more of your ideas. Could someone possibly argue that your solution does not fully satisfy those who are affected? If so, you should work it into the “Remedy” of section III. Might someone else argue that your solutions are not cost-effective? Then, you would address that idea in “Workability.” Also, be careful not to attack the opposition. Remember the adage, “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”

III. Arguing the Solution (the remainder of your paper):

A. Solution/Alternative (How should this problem be solved?)
Explanation (What, specifically, should be done to solve the issue?)
Element of solution/alternative
Element of solution/alternative
2. Remedy (How will your solution solve the problem?)
a. Relevance (How does your solution fit with the problem?)
b. Satisfaction (How does your solution satisfy those affected by the problem?)
Workability (Will your solution work? Is it affordable?)

B. Solution/Alternative (Repeat steps in A for each solution you present)

C. Conclusion
1. Summary/Review statement
2. End memorably

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