Architect Profile Answers

Write 1000 word document presenting your selected architect. Start with preliminary research from Course Text Book and References listed on page 2 of syllabus. Minimum requirements are:

o Cover Page: This should include

o Student Name, Major, & ID Number

o Course Number, Name & Semester

o Architect name

o Architect portrait

o Architect Background: country of origin & practice, education & work experience

o Architect’s philosophy: architectural language, vocabulary, design process & practice, and design issue

o Definition of an architectural movement that best exemplifies your architect’s work

o Quotation by your selected architect that reflects his/her affiliation to a particular architectural movement

o Identification of Built work

o Name of project

o Location

o Dates of design/construction

o Brief description of physical attributes, character & features

o References (Endnotes, Footnotes, or Parenthetical citations)

o Bibliography (use any style consistently)

STEP 1: To pursue preliminary research and make an informed selection, review different sections in your Course text book and References on Reserve in the library (listed on page 2) that discuss the listed architects of your interest.

STEP 2: Locate (and then read) relevant books/ articles on your architect through rigorous library search (conduct thorough research using material in the library as well as the DATABASES that our library subscribes to).

STEP 3: Develop a list of issues (social, economic, political, etc.) that concerned your architect and select representative works by your architect that reflect these concerns and identify the particular approach or “movement/s” pursued by the architect. In this step, you should formulate the origin of your movement, the context in which it took place, the movement’s focus, and provide an overview of its philosophy and primary participants, who were contemporary to your selected architect.

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