Applied Sciences

  1.  Which of the unique features / characteristics of UNIX / Linux makes it different from other operating systems? Why has Windows 7 steadily become the operating system of choice in the corporate environment? Provide justification to support your answer.How do threats in a cloud environment multiply? Do you think that advances in computer science have come at a staggering pace and computer crime has remained in step with them? How and Why?
  2. Applied SciencesComparing State Policies on Sexually Transmitted Diseases

    The purpose of the final project is to engage you in writing a health policy analysis. There are five steps in the health policy analysis process.

    Using South University Online Library or the Internet, research on a sexually transmitted disease (STD) policy of the state you reside in. Once you identify an STD policy from the state you reside in, visit your state health department or browse your state’s website and search for the STD policy you selected.

    Next, write a research paper describing this public health policy analysis and background. The final paper should include the following:

    A title page

    An introduction of policy analysis in two to three paragraphs discussing the following:



    A body

    Health policy background (one page):

    The state’s role in the policy-making process

    The purpose of public health policy

    Public health policy analysis five-step process discussing the following:

    A problem statement (in the form of a question) (two paragraphs)

    Background of a policy analysis provides factual information needed to understand the problem. Include economic issues of policy as well as regulatory policy (two pages).

    The landscape section of a policy analysis identifies key stakeholders and describes the factors that are needed to analyze the problem. Write the landscape section on policy analysis. Include balance of patient rights versus protecting the population. Include any influence from government insurance programs. Your response should be of at least three pages

    Options (three or four) to address the policy problem. Your response should be of at least three pages.

    Recommendations section should clearly identify three options. Which of the three options is favored and why is it is preferred over the other ones. Your response should be of at least one page.

    A conclusion

    Your conclusion (one page) should address the following main points:

    Your recommendation and the reasoning behind it.

    Summarize your findings.

    Explain the barriers to implementing policy analysis process and how they could be overcome.

    Your paper should be a minimum of 8pages in a Microsoft Word document. You need a minimum of six scholarly sources for both in-text citations and citations on the reference page.

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