Applied Experiential Learning

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Imagine you have now finished University and are working in your chosen profession.
You are interested in developing an experiential learning program for your fellow staff /
stakeholders. Drawing on learning and information from this subject and wider research /
literature, critically evaluate the place of experiential learning in your chosen career.
Specifically consider:
1. Why there is a need for experiential learning in professional settings?
2. Explicitly outline how a proposed experiential learning program could fit into the
professional development objectives of your field?
3. Examine how reflective practices could be implemented to impact workplace
4. Critically evaluate the potential benefits and limitations to implementing such an
experiential learning program in your field.
Assessment criteria:
Students will be assessed on their ability to:
• Justify the need for experiential learning programs in a professional setting
• Outline how such a program might fit into professional development in their chosen
• Examine the place of reflective practice in their field
• Critically evaluate the benefits and limitations of experiential learning
• Deliver ALL written and presented assessment material in an academically sound
manner as indicated in the Unit of Study Outline
• Reference ALL parts of the assessment accordingly, as per Unit of Study Outline,
drawing on current and relevant literature to support and justify argument
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