application to gender different self-presentation

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trade this as the second part of the review of literature paper. please write the gender difference of self-presensation, you can find more information in the review of literature paper.
Application means you need to find some context that can show how man and women self-presentate themselves differently. you can use photographs from men and women’s face book pages and simply count up how many photos of self men and women uploaded — how many times they smiled, included close ups, how many photos included others (couples, groups, pets), or action photos.

if you got ambitious you can go to a free dating cite and looked at brief self-presentations made by 50 men and 50 women — It would not take too long to count up who is smiling, who presents credentials, etc.

you can also use short clips or films, and point out when does men and women present themselves in a very different way.

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