An Evaluation of a Twitter as Transnational Popular Culture Phenomenon

please read all the instruction that I uploaded. The purpose of Evaluation is why people care about twitter. You must give four reasons and each reason must be in sprit paragraph, so each paragraph includes one reason with evidence and some statistics. The very important thing the evidence

Also, you have to provide before the conclusion, the reflection paragraph must focus in Twitter in future.

Also, you have to start the essay with nice hook. Thesis statement must be strong and include the four reasons you included in body paragraphs.

Also, the second paragraph is context paragraph which you provide information about Twitter

As a genre, the evaluation is different from the report in that the evaluation encourages you to share your own critical response and thinking about why your popular artifact appeals to others, writing persuasively without the use of first person statements. It spurs you to think reflectively in your responses to questions we have seen before in this class, questions such as: why are people drawn to artifacts from certain countries? Why do people seek popular alternatives from their own culture? What ideological, social, cultural, political, economic, and/or historical factors affect the popularity of your chosen phenomenon? What makes your chosen artifact internationally appealing? Therefore, this is an assignment built on your own thinking, much of which is constructed through your past research and your own personal interests and experience, but it uses language that effectively expresses your ideas in a way that persuades others to agree with you. You write to persuade others to accept your judgment. You add your voice to the many others who have evaluated your phenomenon and who perhaps have influenced your expectations.
Please also, you must read the instruction on the file that I will uploaded.

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