An analysis of an ad campaign

Order Description
Format: Report
Word Count: 2,500 words [+/- 10%] to exclude visuals/ads/bibliography.
Project: An analysis of an ad campaign of your choice. An ad campaign refers to a series of ads. Your report must have the Consumer Buying Process as a main theme. You have to compare 3-4 ads from the same ad campaign.
Choose e.g. Mercedes Benz or something appropriate.

Guidelines: The ad campaign you choose must provide sufficient material for a full analysis
The campaign should have appeared across a range of platforms i.e. TV, Radio,Posters[Billboards], Online etc.
Sourcing: You will to need identify the media where the campaign appeared. It is not sufficient to source say, YouTube – you must identify where the original campaign appeared.
Copies/visuals of the actual campaign must appear with your report.
Strongly recommend the use of “thumbnails” as visual support for your commentary throughout.

Buyer Behaviour – Summative Assignment
100% Individual coursework
Choose an advertising campaign you have seen. It can be taken from any media and can be something you thought was really effective or not. Remember this is all about how you perceive things and you need to justify every point you make!
You will need to consider:
WHO? Who is the advert targeted at? Paint a picture of the consumer using your knowledge of segmentation variables.
WHAT? What brand or services are being offered? What are the features and benefits?
WHEN? For what occasion is the product/service being advertised for? Is seasonality involved?
WHERE? Where is the advert positioned? Is this important?
WHY? Is the advertiser informing/selling?
Perception – Colours used/text/models used/celebrity endorsers. Are these used correctly in your opinion?
Buyer Process – What stage of the buyer process is your advert aimed at?
Involvement Levels/Risk Perception? Are they high, medium or low? What types of risk are displayed?
Marketing Mix elements:
• Product – what are the features and benefits? How effectively does the advert communicate the brand to you?
• Pricing – do the adverts contain information about pricing? Why / why not?

• Place – what distribution strategies are being used in your industry? How much information (if any) is given about this in the advert? Does the advert tell you anything about distribution?
• Promotion – What are the promotional objectives and how effectively are they achieved in your opinion? What does the choice of media tell you about the promotion strategy of the company?

Critique and recommendations – you should conclude with a critique of the approach the advertiser has taken and make some recommendations. Do not simply describe what the advertiser has done or summarise what you have already said in your report. A critique is a critical review in which you give an evaluation, stating what you think is good and what you think could be improved. If you think the advert is good, what is it that is good about it? If you think the advert is bad, why is it bad and how could it be improved?

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