American Express case study

discuss the forum in narrative format with an introduction, headings, and a conclusion
Case Questions:
1) As an American Express employee, how would you feel about having a significant part of your bonus tied to customers’ willingness to recommend the company to a friend? What are the upsides of the approach and what are the downsides?
2) Which of American Express’s Relationship Care strategies would be most motivational to you? Why?
3) Consider these strategies in the context of the theories reviewed in this chapter (expectancy theory, goal setting theory, equity theory, psychological empowerment). Which theories seem to be most present in these strategies? Which seem to be least present, and what could the company do to rectify the omission.

one of the sources has to be
Organizational Behavior
Colquitt, Jason
3RD 13 / Richard D. Irwin, Inc.
this is where the case study is from

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