Accounting Questions

Please number each response

  1. Much to your surprise, you were selected to appear on the TV show, “The Price is Right.” As a result of your prowess in identifying how many rolls of toilet paper an average American family keeps on hand, you win the opportunity to choose one of the following: $2,000 today, $10,000 in 10 years, or $31,000 in 29 years. Assuming you can earn 12% on your money, which should you choose?
  2. Sarah Wiggum would like to make a single investment and have $1.6 million at the time of her retirement in 35 years. She has found a retirement fund that will earn 3% annually. How much will Sarah have to invest today? If she earned an annual return of 20%, how soon could she then retire?
  3. To buy a new house, you must borrow $150,000. To do this, you take out a $150,000, 20-year, 10% mortgage. Your mortgage payments, which are made at the end of each year (one payment each year), include both principle and 10% interest on the declining balance. What amount will your annual payment be?
  4. What is the present value of a perpetual stream of cash flow that pays $80,000 at the end of one year and grows at a rate of 5% indefinitely? The rate of interest used to discount the cash flows is 10%. What is the present value of the growing perpetuity?
  5. How much do you have to deposit today so that, beginning 11 years from now, you can withdraw $9,000 a year for the next 8 years (periods 11 through 18) plus an additional amount of $18,000 in the last year (period 18)? Assume an interest rate of 6%.
  6. Business & Finance

How can a company build and foster cultural awareness?

2- “According to one line of argument, globalization constrains states: free trade limits the ability of states to set policy and protect domestic companies; capital mobility makes generous welfare states less competitive; global problems exceed the grasp of any individual state; and global norms and institutions become more powerful. Others suggest that in a more integrated world nation-states may even become more important: they have a special role in creating conditions for growth and compensating for the effects of economic competition; they are key players in organizations and treaties that address global problems; and they are themselves global models charged with great authority by global norms” (“The Globalization Website, 2000-2001)

Which stance do you support?


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