Less than 50 words. Because this is the standard format for abstracts, complete these three sentences:

Sentence #l: This research paper analyzes xxxxxxx.

Sentence #2: The major findings are xxxxxxxx.

Sentence #3: The recommendations are xxxxxxxxxxxx.

Don’t include direct quotes, examples, etc., in the abstract — just a brief overview of the entire report using precisely these sentences.

Part 2: APA Title Page and Research Paper – Page 2 through 7, 8, 9, 10, or 11

Title page followed by Introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusions/recommendations (See instructions above and below).

Part 3: Reference Page (last page and/or pages) – Page 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12

Use the current APA guidelines for citations and formatting.

Appropriate Sources Only! Use five to eight sources written only by experts with reputable backgrounds (work experience, education, publishing history, etc.). Don’t use more than three long quotes (more than 40 words). Replace long lists of bullet points with paraphrased summaries. Write at least 85% of the ideas in your own words and sentence structure (paraphrases of sources and your own analysis).

Don’t use informal sources like Wikipedia, About.com, etc.!

The MCC librarians can help you find scholarly sources.

Required Graphics: Include three to five relevant and appropriately sized graphics (ex. photos, pie charts, bar graphs, logos, etc.). Create graphics yourself or borrow them appropriately by following the copyright laws and citing the sources. Write the source line under the graphic if you borrow it. Explain your research method inside the paragraph if you create the chart, graph, etc., or explain that you took the photo.


The first heading is Introduction.

Use descriptive headings for the body paragraphs.

The last heading is Conclusions (with an s) and Recommendations.

Bold the headings. Capitalize the first word and all keywords that follow. Place the headings against the left margin.


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