A specific security organization

research and report on a contemporary security program in business, government, or industry that emphasizes the protection of assets, personnel, and/or facilities. The purpose of this research is to identify best practices in security administration.

Each element is assessed for the overall grade, and maximum point values are displayed.

To complete this assignment students must:

Identify an actual organizational security program. (5 pts)
Conduct research about the organization and the security program.(5 pts)
Discuss the managerial acts and functions required for assets, personnel, and/or facility protection. (20 pts)
Identify and discuss the role(s) of relevant institutional stakeholders in security planning. (20 pts)
Identify how the organization has applied security solutions to problems using methods from the security discipline. (20 pts)
Critique the organization’s strategic planning and risk assessment practices. (20 pts)
Evaluate the effectiveness of organizational security planning and administration. (20 pts)
Draw conclusions and make recommendations concerning best practices in security administration. (20 pts)

Make sure it is an AMERICAN organization

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