4-5 star sydney hotels: factors of complaint and delight reflected in customer online review

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plz refer to the attached file
. choose three 4-5 star hotel of yur choice in sydney CBD plz and the tripadvisor review for past 3 to 6 months

the file name ” thesis 2013 ” is just for your reference to see how it should be done.

Its a quantitative research just based on Tripadvisor customer review for the 3 chosen hotel.

choose either research question or objective. just choose one plz

25 peer reviewed articles plz

Research Project
This subject enables you to independently undertake a small-scale empirical research study that has significance to industry. All students will conduct a research study using data they have ‘mined’ from user-generated online review sites applicable to the hotel industry, including but not limited to: TripAdvisor, Booking.com, Expedia and Airbnb. The overriding objective of completing a research project is to allow you to evaluate and experience both the theory and practice of research and be able to discuss issues that affect the contemporary workplace. Additionally it gives you the student an opportunity to demonstrate the core attributes of written communication, information literacy, logic and critical analysis.
1. Title of the Project
2. Background to the Problem: Provide the reader with background information for the research topic. Its purpose is to establish a framework for the research, so that the reader can understand how it is related to other research. The introduction needs to create reader interest in the topic, establish the problem that leads to the study, place the study within the larger context of the scholarly literature, and reach out to a specific audience. This initial writing about the topic allows the reader to acclimatise to the study rather than ‘plunging’ them straight into unfamiliar content.
3. The Research Aim and Research Questions, Objectives or Hypothesis. This section should clearly identify the purpose (aim) of the research project. In order to achieve this aim, This section should also succinctly set out the objectives of the project or the questions your project seeks to address. Bullet points and action statements are particularly effective for clearly and succinctly setting out project objectives. Try and keep the number of objectives to a maximum of 3 or 4 major ones. (This helps with maintaining clear focus in your project.)
4. Research Significance: Justify the significance of the project through (1) managerial/applied significance and (2) theoretical significance.
6. Methodology: This section should clearly explain how you will achieve your objectives. Necessary inclusions are research design (qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods), data collection methods, sampling procedures, ethical considerations and data analysis techniques. A necessary inclusion is the criteria for your data collection sample.
7. Limitations: Briefly identify and outline any limitations that may impact your research project. All research projects must still have an applied/theoretical significance regardless of project limitations.

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