Below is an essay proposal that I need to be paraphrased without changing the content of it.

There are comments in red color that need to be followed while rewriting the proposal.


Book: The Epic of Gilgamesh Topic: The relationship between Enkidu and Gilgamesh Thesis Statement: The hostility between Enkidu and Gilgamesh turns into friendship, which changes Gilgamesh from harsh and bossy person to a friendly and judicious. [This is really fantastic. You have a clear and specific thesis statement that tells me not only what you will prove in the paper, but how you will prove it. Terrific job.] My choice to concentrate on the change that occurs on Gilgamesh life. It is a unique suspected for this reason I focused on because the fact that, friends become enemies but on Gilgamesh situation he and Enkidu became friends after they being enemies. I will present an argument of how enmity between Enkidu and Gilgamesh transformed into friendship relation that eventually changed Gilgamesh’s life from bad to good which positively influenced a change in Gilgamesh’s personality and the way of thinking. #1 –  Gilgamesh is a cruel character who rules his Kingdom Uruk ruthlessly – The fight between Enkidu and Gilgamesh changes Gilgamesh’s mind about sexually exploiting the young women (or sleeps with brides on their wedding night) -The fight ends in their friendship #2 -Enkidu face down Gilgamesh and they fight as enemies -The beginning of transformation of Gilgamesh’s life and his way of thinking. – The fight makes Gilgamesh like Enkidu so they became great friends. #3 -The two friends decide to go to the Cedar Forest and kill Humbaba. – Shamash helped Gilgamesh to face Humbaba. -Humbaba was asking for for forgiveness, but Enkidu told Gilgamesh to kill Humbaba. #4 – Enkidu dreamed that the gods decides that either Enkidu or Gilgamesh must die for killing Humbaba. -Ehnkidu was picked by the gods and the died after suffering of the illness #5 -Return to Uruk -After Enkidu dead Gilgamesh started journey into the wilderness searching for immortal life. – When Gilgamesh found that there is no immortal life he went back to Uruk. [This looks good. But the outline makes it looks like you are going to present a lot of plot summary. Be careful not to do this. Set up each point and then prove each point in the paper is

valid by quoting from the book.

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