Answers To Research Questions

Business & Finance

Conduct a search for articles related to innovation in healthcare. Specifically, locate an article that compares healthcare innovation to financial performance.

1- For the first part of this discussion, summarize the salient points of the article.

2- In the second part of this discussion, determine what impact, if any, innovation had on the healthcare organization.

3- Lastly, in your opinion do the current healthcare organizations that you are familiar with in Saudi Arabia encourage innovation? Why or why not?

– 2 to 3 pages not including the cover page and references.

– provide intext citation and at least 3 updated articles.

– follow APA style.

Breast Cancer And Role Of Nurses

Describe the statistics and trend of breast cancer worldwide and in Saudi Arabia, risk factors for breast cancer, its effect to Saudi Arabia, the role of nurses in breast cancer, the challenges they face and recommendations.

Demonstrate what breast cancer is briefly before explaining the impact and significance of breast cancer to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The research should also aim to at least demonstrate a few roles oncology nurses can play in supportive care of patients with breast cancer as well as suggest prevention roles they can implement at both the primary prevention and secondary prevention.

Use google search engine and google scholar to come up with scholarly articles.

Research work should contain relevant study topics were then taken with the exclusion criteria being the year of publication. Research papers from the year 2006 – 2017 should be referenced to

Discussion Questions

  1. Compare the frequency and purpose of patient visit to an orthodontist with those for an endodontist. What effect do these differences have on the management and content of dental records?
  2. Networking and continuing education activities are a necessary part of keeping up-to-date in a profession. The component state associations of the American Health Information Management Association, however , do not offer programs specific to veterinary medicine. How would one keep current in veterinary health information management and still be able to maintain the credential as a registered health information technician or registered health information administration.
  3. Describe the disease staging process and the key reason for disease staging.
  4. What mechanism must be included in the Data Management System (DMS) for both the hospital and the population based registries? Compare and contrast the uses of the DMS between hospital registries and population-based registries.
  5. Nursing

Complete a research report discussing and clearly elaborating with references what medical trauma is.

In the report discuss on development of trauma care dividing into three sections:

  1. Section 1: Developing nursing skills for trauma care
  2. Section 2: The role of simulation in developing trauma skills
  3. Benefits of a specialist trauma

Provide a conclusion for each section as provided above.

Total word count 4,000 to 7,000 words.

Reference in APA format.

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