Yong Zhao: Catching Up or Leading the Way

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Answers to these 4 questions are in the book from page(( 1 to 113 )):

Zhao, Y. (2009). Catching up or leading the way: American education in the age of globalization. Alexandria, VA: ASCD
1- How do we measure the quality of an educational system? How is it measured now, and how should it be measured?

2- When we examine the US and Chinese educational systems, why is it important to consider the history and culture of those countries? What historical and cultural influences exist in our current educational systems?

3- A number of educational reforms are discussed in the first half of Zhao’s book. Are these reform efforts well-placed or misguided? Where should we be placing our efforts for educational reform?

4- Choose 1 quote from the reading and discuss why that is a meaningul statement for you. Please include the page number as a reference.

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