Write an essay which analyses the Boston Matrix. After briefly outlining its components, explain how it can be used for business planning. Evaluate its usefulness.

1500 words (+10%)

NOTE: You MUST use at least three of the following sources:

-AS Business Studies Collins 2008 Ashwin Merrills Thompson Machin.
-AS Business Studies Collins 2003 Thompson Machin.
-AQA Business for A Level 1 (Surridge & Gillespie).
-A2 GCE in Applied Business for Edexcel
-AQA A Level Business 1 (Third Edition) (Wolinski & Coates).
-AQA Business for AS (Marcousé).
-Business Studies for A-Level (4th Edition).
-Business Review Vol 4 No 2 The Boston Matrix Reloaded.
-Business Review April 1995 Planning Profitable Product Portfolios.
-OCR Business for A Level.
-OCR Business Studies for AS.

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