What Money Can’t Buy:chap. 4 – 5 (Page 131 – 203)

Reading notes for What Money Can’t Buy:chap. 4 – 5 (Page 131 – 203)
Please write your notes for the assigned reading. These should look like an outline, not like an essay, and should show the main points of the pages covered.
Display chapter titles in all-caps. Do the same with subheadings, if the reading has them, and cover main points in every subheading.
Do not use full sentences. Use short phrases and sentence fragments.Each is to be placed on its own line. Skip one line in between points. Using short phrases is the only way you will be able to cover a large amount of reading in few words.
If your notes do not use most of the allowed word limit, it’s most likely that you have not identified a sufficient number of important points for the notes to be useful and receive a satisfactory mark.

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