This is for Network Technology and Management (N+) class.

First, I would like you to use basic English words please because I am an international student.

Each answer of the following questions should be separate. The questions are:

1- How would you recommend networking supports wireless and mobile workers?
answer with 300 words, please.

2- What are examples of Wide Area Networks (WAN) that you use every day? How are these networks used?
answer with 300 words, please.
Please add 2 references, one for each.

We use this book (Network+ Guide to Networks, Seventh Edition–by Jill West, Tamara Dean, Jean Andrews (2016 Course Technology, Gengage Learning) ISBN 978-1-305-09094-1).

So, add the book as a reference if you can please.

There are 1 presentation I uploaded and might help you to answer the questions.

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