The Common Driveway Case

This is an assignment for a scholar who has the following book or access to this book Negotiating Essentials Theory, Skills, and Practices By Michaek R. Carrell and Christina Heavrin

For scholars without this book I can try to attach this chapter If necessary. But it may take a while. I would have to get them scanned in.

The Common Driveway Case

After reading Chapter 7 in the text, address the following in a paper that is formatted according to APA style:

Explain whether the dispute is at an impasse or not and if any party is experiencing any settlement pressures.
Discuss the use of arbitration or mediation if the negotiation between the Wilsons and Greens reaches an impasse. Should they consider arbitration or mediation to resolve their differences? Why or why not?
Analyze other hybrid forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that are available and should be considered if negotiations fail to produce a settlement.

3 to 4 pages Required

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