The Bombing of Pearl Harbor

The paper must answer the following questions:

1. Who was involved?
2. Why did it happen?
3. Number of casualties?
4. What was the impact on the United States after the bombings.
5. What was the impact on Japan after the bombings?
6. How did the Pearl Habor bombings effect World War 2?
7. Today, what does the ground zero of Pearl Habor mean for the United States (state any positives or negative found from research and use the last question to conclude the paper).

Things to look out for when writing the paper:

-Only 25% of the sources should be in the paper. 75% or more of the paper should be original writing, not source material.

-Ensure that each source is properly sourced in the paper (no plagirism).

-The paper should have an introduction and conclusion paragraph.

-List all sources in aphabetical order

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