Ten Sustainability Measures

Make an Illustrator board that fits 1500-2000 words and with the pictures required. the project is to address each of the “Ten sustainability measure” for any case study house, for each measure (total of ten) provide one drawing, diagram, images, and graphics that best displays how the project addresses the measure. (Energy Performance diagrams, details and systems / 3D representation in the form of digital renderings, building site sections sufficient to show site context and major program elements, site plan showing the surrounding buildings, topography and circulation patterns, floorplans).
1- Program Brief (Only brief)
2- Design and innovation
3- Regional/ community design
4- Land use and site ecology
5- Bioclimatic Design
6- light and air
7- water cycle
8- energy flows & energy future
9- materials and construction
10- long life, loose fit
11- collective wisdom & feedback loops

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