Teaching Project Brochure (Trifold brochure)

Create a trifold brochure based on the population and disease chosen for the Epidemiology Paper (Epidemiology Paper attached)
Include the following information in your brochure or podcast:
• Present an overview of the issue.
• Design appropriate health promotion, disease management, and risk reduction and disease prevention strategies applicable to population care.
o Include the primary, secondary, and tertiary strategies applicable to the population and focus, presented in language that is understandable and appropriate to the population.
• Discuss future prevention techniques.
• Provide a minimum of three local, state, and/or national credible and legitimate resources (CDC, HHS) for information related to selected population and disease focus.
Cite and reference a minimum of five peer-reviewed sources that are less than five years old.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your APA-formatted reference list.

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