Strategic Report – Qantas Airline

Strategic Report – Qantas Airline
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Strategic Report – Qantas Airline (Australia)

1.Introduction – Industry and your company. 250words
2.Macro/Micro Environment – The Micro and Macro-environment in which this company is operating – briefly discuss main factors. 350 words
3.Company’s Competitive and Advantage – Company’s competitive advantage over its rival. 300 words
4.Company’s Generic Strategies – Is this company following any Generic Strategies of Porters (Cost leadership, Focus or Differentiation). 350 words
5.Growth Strategies – Company’s growth strategies like diversification or Integration or company using Ansoff matrix to grow in their market. 350 words
6.Recommendations – Strategic recommendations at functional and business level. 300 words
7.Conclusion. 100 words ( also can be 50-80 words)

2000 words
10 references
Report Format

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