Searching for diversity(continue my coursework)

Assignment 4 (600 words)
1. Take your leader(ship) and organisation from assignment 2. and 3.
2. If you were to study this leader/organisation empirically, how would you
measure leadership?
measure efficiency of leadership?
measure performance of leadership?
3. Answer the following question: What has your leader factually contributed to the performance of his/her organisation?
4. How would your opinion on leadership (from assignment 1) have changed the performance of your leader’s organisation?
(**) Kevin Roe: Chapters 6, 8 and 9, pp. 103–187.
Nancy DiTomaso and Robert Hooijberg (1996) Diversity and the demands of leadership. The Leadership Quarterly, 7(2), 163-187.
Chao Chen and Ellen Van Velsor (1996) New directions for research and practice in diversity leadership. The Leadership Quarterly, 7(2), pp.285–302.

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