Scope: Review and analysis of a give report. Candidates will be assigned a recent report on a chemical food hazard. The task will be to summarise the findings of the report and explain and contextualize it for the Irish situation.

(a) The report should be structured under the following headings:
(i)Background and chemical nature of the hazard
(ii)Analysis of the health risk posed by this chemical
(iii)Relevance to the Irish consumer
(iv)Risk management strategy (how is risk avoided/controlled)

(b) The executive seminar will be 5 minutes duration. A one page summary of the seminar should be submitted one week in advance

Length: 4000 words maximum

Notes: My structure research and references must come from link below (google it) and take all information from it and do the report.
Topic: Reasoned Opinion on the modification of the existing maximum residue levels for esfenvalerate in peppers, broccoli and lettuce
Link ; European Food Safety Authority EFSA Journal 2014;12(5) :3693 [27pp.].doi:10.2903/j.efsa.2014.3693

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