school drop-out independent research

Order Description
write an Independent research about school drop out. in this research you have to interview two people at least and ask them some questions about why they left the school. I already wrote the questions in my research plan. I will attach my plan file with this order under the name (my plan and questions). I want the name of the people that you going to interview pseudonym and I will attach a file named (how to cite interviews in your IRP) that can tell you how to do it. moreover, I will upload the instructions file that you going to find the instructions about how to do the research. in this file there is a GRADING RUBRIC sheet please make sure that you did and cover all what that the professor need. also, I will attach two independent research sample papers that the professor gives us to understand how our paper should look like. she wants to write two scholarly research articles or reports and two substantive articles from the popular press published.

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