scholaship application

Paper details:

general information about yourself:.MAJOR IN ENGINEERING MECHANICAL.passionate about aerotical father is aerolane tecncian.i am from ethiopia.2013 up to
your education and professional goal….2nd year gpc student very goood in maths love engineering.professional goal to an aircrft engineer.
why you attend Georgia state university,perimeter college… a lot about it .fully equiped with faculities ……best teachers…..learned from friend who went
to this college.
why you need finaicial assistance from the WCHCF…..i work and go to school.i wanna be free from finicial struugle and focus on school……to get help with reaserch
oportunities……cant afford to buy books and help my self with more additional knowledge
i wont a brief explanation of my ambition about mechanical engineerin im so talented on it

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